Tjaša Bjedov, Associate Professor

photo portrait de Tjaša Maillard-Bjedov

Tjaša Bjedov is associate Professor in Economics at the Swiss Distance University Institute since August 2017, before being tenured she was assistant Professor at the Swiss Distance University Institute since August 2015.

Tjaša Bjedov defended her PhD in Economics in May 2015. She did her PhD at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and at the University Lumière Lyon II (France). Her PhD thesis “Three essays in public economics: fiscal decentralization, coordination and secessions” falls within the fields of public finance and public choice and focuses on ideological polarization, decentralization and conflict. It consists of three independent, however, related chapters that were all published in international highly ranked peer-reviewed journals.

Key research themes

Tjaša Bjedov works on various topics ranging from the effect of political ideology on public spending to issues about group interactions. In particular, how cooperative behavior is affected by the decentralization of decision-making, different modes of communication, or a complex form of identity when a same person belongs at the same time to a minority and a majority group. Her publications have appeared, for instance, in journals like Public Choice, Economic Inquiry, and Social Choice and Welfare. She is currently exploring time preferences and linguistics, as well as how motivated cognition and cognitive ability relate to one another and important aspects of economic decision making such as trust, honesty and long run cooperative behavior for the preservation of a vital common good.

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