We Support You

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We’re There For You

Self-discipline, organisation and passion are the keys to your successful degree. But these aren’t enough when specific problems and questions about your studies arise. That’s why we give you the chance to view content around the clock, as well as to contact advisors, assistants and professors.

Student Managers

Student Managers are the point of contact for all practical questions about your chosen degree programme. For example, they can help you with study organisation problems, questions about planning work around other responsibilities, or examination requirements.

Online Learning Platform

All lecturers are allocated assistants who take over online student support. They make suitable tasks and exercises available on the course’s own online learning platform (Moodle), and correct submitted answers or provide example solutions.
The learning platform also facilitates exchange with classmates, assistants and professors. Thanks to small class sizes, students are guaranteed personal support.

Private Support

Ideally, your network and your employer, where possible, should support your efforts to complete a distance degree. As long as these people understand that you need time and space for your degree, and as long as they spurn you on through your slumps, you will be able to successfully complete your distance learning degree.

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