Voices of Distance Learning

The following statements about distance learning show just how important distance learning is in Switzerland.

Colombine Verzat

Student Master in Artificial Intelligence

Hervé Bourlard

Artificial Intelligence Professor and Scientific Head of Programme

Prof. Dr. iur. Christiana Fountoulakis

Professor at UniDistance Suisse
Full professor, Fribourg University
Member of the research council for Schweizerischer Nationalfonds (SNF)

«My interest in innovative, modern methods of learning and teaching at universities is what compelled me to get involved with the Bachelor of Law distance programme.»

Patrizia Kummer

Olympic champion 2014
Triple world cup winner
Professional snowboarder & psychology graduate

«I wanted to have a fall-back alongside professional sport. As I invest a lot of time in my sports, distance learning was the ideal solution. I could freely decide my own study times, and I appreciated that I was able to contact my professors at any time. Thanks to the internet, I always had teaching materials with me. I didn’t have to stick to set times, and could learn when and where I wanted.»

Sandra Kunze

Sandra Kunze

Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Project Manager UBS

«Distance learning gave me the flexibility to combine my career and education. New knowledge from my studies can be easily transferred into my daily work, so everyone wins - my employer and me!»

Daniel Ly

Daniel Ly

Student Bachelor of Law
Self-Employed IT Technician, Father, Deaf

«I went self-employed and set up my own IT and consultation start-up, and I became a father. I enjoy distance learning because I am free to allocate my own study time. It gives me a lot of freedom but also needs a lot of self-control. I also enjoy that UniDistance Suisse is so accessible to people with disabilities. Thanks to sign language translators, I am able to complete my studies at the same level as my classmates.»

Mirjam Mettler

Mirjam Mettler

Student Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Mother and Housewife

«As a mother, it is always challenging to keep a lid on everything. The biggest difficulty is finding the right support. UniDistance Suisse concept takes this difficulty into account. Studying is set up in such a way that I can design my own course that fits with my daily life. I have the feeling that I am able to be there for my children, while doing something for my own professional qualifications at the same time.»

Olivia Pajarola

Olivia Pajarola

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Historical Sciences
Mother and Housewife

«I was young when I had my children - I’d just left school - and I was in my first year at the University of Zurich. I quickly realised that it’s almost impossible to study at a classic university and look after children. With just one event each month, studying at UniDistance Suisse was much more within the realms of possibility. My daily life has become a lot more difficult since beginning my distance degree in history, but it’s also got much more interesting. I’m now managing the balancing act of studying and family quite well. I haven’t regretted my decision at all.»

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