How Does Distance Learning Work?

UniDistance Suisse follows a modern concept of distance learning, blended learning. In this learning model, computer-supported learning is combined with classic attendance of lessons i.e. study is a combination of independent study, eLearning and attendance of classes.

Independent Study

With distance learning, the proportion of classic lesson attendance is much smaller, and students mostly learn through independent study. Even though they learn alone, students are not isolated. They are part of a network: our students benefit from individual support from our professors and assistants through-out their degree programme. Independent study is complemented by a range of specific teaching tools.

Online Study

A central element of distance learning is supported online study. The online learning platform «Moodle» complements teaching and facilitates animated discussions with classmates, professors and assistants. The internet-based learning platform includes all content for distance courses, tasks, exercises and general information that can be viewed at all times.

Attendance of Classes

There are also generally five classes per semester, where attendance in person is required. Knowledge that has been independently acquired is expanded and consolidated in academic discourse. Professors from Swiss and international universities animate and lead the discussion.

Generally, each module is completed by taking a written examination at the end of the semester, finally resulting in a recognised Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

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