Admission and Registration

Admission to UniDistance Suisse is based on the general criteria of Swiss universities. Anyone wishing to be admitted to a degree course must be able to prove that they fulfil the necessary requirements. This includes the possession of a valid school education certificate. Admission conditions are laid out in the admissions guidelines (to be found in each programme).

Swiss Certificates of Education

Recognised certificates of education include a state-recognised Matura diploma or a similar qualification (see admissions guidelines - to be found in each programme). Executive Management shall decide on the equality of educational certifi-cates in accordance with recommendations from the national conference of university presidents.

International Certificates of Education

International certificates of education will be assessed in terms of their equivalence to the Matura diploma. The dean shall decide on the equality of international educational certificates in accordance with recommendations from the national conference of university presidents. In some cases, a certificate of authenticity may be requested.

Admission without a Valid Certificate of Education

If a person does not posses a valid certificate of education, they cannot be accepted as a regular student. UniDistance Suisse does not offer any possibility to compensate for the lack of a valid education certificate by taking an entrance exam or providing proof of employment or a skill profile. Persons without a valid certificate of education can, however, register as guest students and attend one or several modules.

Guest Students

Are you interested in a few modules but not in completing a whole degree programme? Or would you like to take a course but do not have the necessary qualifications to allow you to take a university degree?

As a guest student, you can either attend the whole degree programme or individual modules. You will take the relevant module exam, and receive a certificate if successful. However, you cannot acquire the title «Bachelor». You must be at least 18 years old to be a guest student. The dean decides whether your chosen course has enough room for guest students. Registration takes place online.


Degree courses generally begin twice per year, in spring and in autumn. The registration deadline is shortly before the start of the course, and is different for each course. If you fulfil the requirements, you can also register online.


Please note that UniDistance Suisse does not qualify for any scholarships. The Swiss scholarship system is organised by canton. You can find more information about scholarships in Switzerland on the Swiss education server:

It is possible to receive private scholarships in Switzerland. You can find more information about scholarships at

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