Studying at UniDistance Suisse

Distance learning is the perfect solution for those who wish to combine study, work, family and leisure, to pursue a professional career or who wish to strike out in a new field of employment. Distance learning offers you the practical convenience of studying without being tied to a time or place and thus allows you to fit your learning around other commitments in your life.

Studying online at UniDistance Suisse offers many advantages:


You decide when and where you study. UniDistance Suisse takes your needs into consideration whenever possible.

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All our study courses are structured according to the Bologna Directives. This means that your Bachelor and Master degree is internationally recognised. The study content is taught by renowned professors from Swiss universities.

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Personal support

Our professors and assistants are on hand to help you with any questions relating to the subject matter. You also have a course coordinator as a direct point of contact for all organisational and administrative issues.

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Practice-related learning

Since you are still working, you can directly put the theory of what you have learned into practice.

More affordable price for full recognition

By combining distance learning with work, you attain a recognised university degree at an unbeatable price.

Key transferable skills

Distance learning proves that you are a person who can organise themselves well, set priorities and manage your other commitments. Such expertise in time management and self-organisation is highly valued in the workplace.

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