The research projects of Pamela Banta Lavenex

  • Project "Links between brain activity (EEG) and cognitive capacities"
    In this project, we are first exploring the relations between brain activity, using EEG recordings, and memory in typically developing children, young and healthy aging older adults. Second, we are characterizing the EEG microstates that are present in individuals with Down syndrome (Trisomy 21 or T21) or Williams syndrome (WS).
  • Project "The impact of intermodal training on the cognitive capacities of individuals with handicaps"
    Numerous studies have tried to determine whether “cognitive” training leads to improvements in cognitive performance. This project aims to determine whether an intermodal and intensive training improves the cognitive capacities of individuals with cognitive handicaps.
  • Project "Profiles of spatial abilities in Down and Williams syndromes"
    Down syndrome (Trisomy 21 or T21) and Williams syndrome (WS) are genetic disorders characterized by mental retardation and impaired abilities to process visuospatial information. Nevertheless, the ability of individuals with Down syndrome or Williams syndrome to navigate in the real word have not been well studied. The goal of this study is to characterize this capacity in these individuals.
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