Project "Creativity: Links to personality, perception and brain mechanisms"

Creative thinking is an extraordinary capacity of the human mind that is advancing culture, science, economy and alike. The aim of this study is to further explore different facets of creative thinking, the link(s) to personality traits, and also to explore novel ways of assessing creativity. In a current experiment, a novel online assessment of divergent creative thinking is explored in which participants are required to draw pareidolias in visual images. The performance in this task is then related to different dimensions of personality (openness to experiences, fantasy, mental imagery ability, proneness to the paranormal etc.).  

In a planned study, the unconventional way of improving creative thinking by means of binaural beat stimulation and its effect on neuronal mechanisms will be explored in an EEG study. In binaural beat stimulation, two tones with a different frequency are presented to the left and right ear. The hypothesis is that certain brain activity will be tuned towards the frequency difference of the two tones, which in turn can boost creative thinking (e.g., insight, divergent thinking). 

01.03.2020 – ongoing


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