"Methodology and statistics" research group

Our group carries out research in the field of cognitive psychology – in particular in the areas of memory, mental imagery, and perception. The research is mainly experimental and quantitative. We collect eye data and conduct experiments in virtual reality.

Our research addresses questions such as: How does the inner world differ from the perceptual world and in what respect are they similar? Do eye-movements help to create mental images? How do different dimensions of mind-wandering (e.g., spontaneous and deliberate mind-wandering) relate to boredom? And what is the nature of their relation?

We work with innovative experimental and statistical methods and carry out projects in developmental psychology. We are particularly interested in how children differentiate between reality and fantasy, and how children learn from fictional sources. We are also investigating the impact of new media on learning success.

Foto Forschungsgruppe Corinna Martarelli
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