Project "Textbook on political history"

The planned textbook pursues the question of how political history is thought about, studied and written about. It is primarily directed at students, lecturers and researchers who wish to gain an overview of the many different re-examinations of political history and offers a systematic, regulative and synthesising summary of the historiographic sub-discipline.

The textbook targets the study of the political history of modern societies and focuses on Europe and North America, with some non-Western research traditions and research results regarding non-Western societies also being integrated. Various perspectives are discussed relating to past policy or politics in history, the political character of writing history itself, politics as a specific subject area, as well as governmental and non-governmental political protagonists.

01/12/2017 – 31/08/2019



Bild Das Pivate ist politisch
Bild Das Pivate ist politisch
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