"SEAPAD" project

The objective of this project is to provide teaching teams and students with information on distance learning by students. This information consists of  learning analytics, which are available via the online learning platform, as well as data sent specifically by students. This will be reorganised into an initial dashboard for students, with a second dashboard for the teaching teams.

It also provides students with a perspective on their progress in relation to the whole class so that they can ask for help or adapt their learning strategy.

The teaching teams will have a greater awareness of the progress of their students and can intervene if necessary. They will also receive information enabling them to adjust their courses in order to optimise the link between the activities and the skills to be attained.

An initial experiment was carried out for five teaching modules during the autumn 2019 semester. The observations gathered are currently being analysed.

01/09/2017 – 30/06/2020

UniDistance Suisse participants

UniDistance Suisse

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