Research at EDUDL+

EDUDL+ (Educational Development Unit in Distance Learning) creates all kinds of hybrid training models in cooperation with the relevant trainers. With constant evaluation and models that are customised as far as possible to the faculties and subject areas in question, an important objective of the work of EDUDL+ is to constantly improve the quality of teaching at the institution.

In its practical activities, EDUDL+ aligns itself with the current research insights in the field of university didactics and distance learning.

Moreover, with the practical application of theoretical research findings, EDUDL+ makes a contribution to application-orientated research.

EDUDL+ pursues two approaches in the field of research:

  • A top-down approach which, based on observation and analysis of the various activities of EDUDL+ in the field of university didactics (supporting the teaching team, evaluation of the teaching by students, description of the teaching modules, etc.), introduces new procedures and develops new tools or features for existing tools (digital and other types) and evaluates, compares and optimises them.
  • A bottom-up approach which brings new scientific insights in the field of university didactics, particularly in the area of distance learning, based on the use and/or conception of digital tools for teaching.

An introduction to EDUDL+


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