Are you interested in participating in research?

In the context of our research at the Department of Psychology at UniDistance Suisse, we are looking for participants to take part in a variety of studies. We are interested in the following questions, for example:

  • How does digitialization influence learning and memory processes?
  • How does the increasing digitialization in our environment affect our brains?
  • How do our emotions influence our diet?
  • How do we regulate our emotions?

To find answers to these questions, we conduct studies either online or in our laboratories in Brig. We are always looking for people who would like to participate in our studies.

What is in there for you? When you participate in our research studies, you will gain an insight into the core themes and methods of our current psychological research. You will also be helping us to advance our understanding of various research questions. You will also receive monetary compensation for this.  

If you are interested, please register in our participant pool. After registering, you will receive invitations for new studies. There is no obligation to participate – you are of course free to do so and have always the possibility to opt out.

For in-person studies: our laboratories are located at Schinerstrasse 18, 3900 Brig.

Three steps for participating in studies at UniDistance Suisse

What do I have to do? When, where, how long and how often? How do I register? Do I get paid? You will find the answers to these questions here.

You will be contacted with more specific information

A Research Assistant will contact you to give you all relevant information on current studies and to plan your participation.

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