Nicolas Rothen, Associate Professor

Porträtfoto von Nicolas Rothen

Nicolas Rothen is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Psychology, head of the Bachelor in Psychology and co-head of the Master in Psychology at UniDistance Suisse. He gained his doctorate in Psychology at the University of Bern (Institute for Psychology) in 2009. Following his doctorate and a one-year postdoctorate at the University of Bern, he researched for four and a half years at the School of Psychology and the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex (UK). After this period, he returned to the University of Bern with his own research project, where he received an  ‘Habilitation’ (Venia Docendi or postdoctoral lecturing qualification) for the whole discipline of psychology in 2016. Since 2018, he has worked as an assistant professor at UniDistance Suisse.

Key research topics

Nicolas Rothen’s key research themes are mainly in the fields of memory and perception. In his experiments he investigates the interaction of perception and memory in healthy test persons and healthy special populations (e.g. synaesthetes). His experiments are primarily based on behavioural data, electro-encephalography and on electrodermal activity and transcranial magnetic stimulation.
His other interests are in the fields of time-of-day-dependent cognitive performance, Internet-based data collection and the research and use of established learning principles in his teaching at UniDistance Suisse.


Here you can find the publications of Nicolas Rothen.

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