Matthias Maalouli-Hartmann, Associate Professor

Porträtfoto von Matthias Hartmann

How does our brain render the unbelievable service of enabling perception and thinking? Driven on by these fundamental questions, Matthias Maalouli-Hartmann chose to study psychology and subsequently to follow an academic career. During his doctorate at the University of Bern and a research period at the University of Potsdam, he concerned himself with abstract mental representations such as numbers and time, in particular, and pursued the question of how whole-body, hand and eye movements interact with numerical, temporal and spatial thinking. Besides these core research themes, he is also interested in questions of perceptual psychology, motivation and emotion, as well as the use of e-learning tools.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Maalouli-Hartmann is an Associate Professor at UniDistance Suisse and, in addition, works as a Research Associate at the Institute of Psychology at Inselspital (University Hospital) in Bern (SNSF “Ambizione” project). He teaches three modules in the Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree course in Psychology at UniDistance Suisse and, alongside this, also works on various research projects.

Key research topics

  • Embodied and spatial thinking (embodied cognition)
  • Cognitive representation of numbers (numerical cognition)
  • The association between eye movement and thinking
  • Motivation, emotion and association with personality
  • How can cognitive performance be improved?
  • Teaching and learning research and e-learning tools
  • The effect of brain injuries and brain stimulation on information processing
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