Rolf Krause

Porträt Rolf Krause

Rolf Krause is programme director for the Bachelor of Science in mathematics at UniDistance Suisse.

He is a professor of advanced scientific computing in the faculty of informatics at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) and is the director of the Institute of computational science (ICS). He is also the Co-director of the Centre for Computational Medicine in Cardiology (CCMC) at USI.

Rolf Krause holds a Diploma and a PhD (2000) in Applied Mathematics from FU Berlin (Germany). In 2002, he was on a research visit at the Courant Institute (NYU, New York). From 2003 to 2009, he was a professor for Scientific Computing at the University of Bonn. During that time, he spent a sabbatical at UC San Diego (USA) and Columbia University New York (USA).


Prof. Rolf Krause's research focuses on numerical simulation for complex and data-intensive applications, techniques for advanced machine learning, and scientific software for large-scale applications and HPC.

In terms of applications, his focus areas are medicine, in particular cardiology; image analysis; geophysics and geo-mechanics, including porous media and the modelling of fracture networks; computational mechanics for non-smooth systems, including friction and contact.

His editorial service includes the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (SISC) and Computing and Visualization in Science (Springer), and Numerische Mathematik (Springer).


Prof. Rolf Krause teaches the first module of the bachelor’s degree in mathematics at UniDistance Suisse: M01 Algorithmics.

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