Bachelor in Mathematics programme

The course of study comprises 20 modules. Each semester, you will earn 20 ECTS points (credits), divided between 2-3 modules. The proseminar courses are an important and integral part of the curriculum. Thus, the B Sc in Mathematics degree encompasses 180 ECTS points.
The course takes an average of 4½ years.

In our experience, studying mathematics takes time and patience, as new mathematical concepts have to be learnt, practised and mastered. The time and commitment required to follow a mathematics course should not be underestimated and is usually around 30 hours per week.

Our bridging course and the way we design our modules are intended to (re)introduce you to the subject matter and make the best use of your weekly study time.


M02Statistics and Discrete Structures
M03Calculus I
M04Linear Algebra I
M05Calculus II
M06Linear Algebra II
M07Introduction to Complex Analysis and Functional Analysis
M09Introduction to Numerics
M10Mathematical Modelling
M12Theory and Numerics of ODEs
M13Geometry or Number Theory
M14Differential Geometry
M15Topology or Theory of Groups or Combinatorics
M16Optimization and Machine Learning
M17Theory and Numerics of PDEs (integrated Lab)
M18Special Topics
M19Elective Module from another Faculty
M20Bachelor Thesis (integrated seminar)
MPIProseminar I
MPIIProseminar II

Study plan

Study plan for the bachelor's degree in mathematics per semester

SS = spring semester
AS = autumn semester

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