How much does the Bachelor in Mathematics cost?

For the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, the course fees come to a fixed amount of CHF 1 300.00 per semester. This amount does not depend on the number of modules you take in the relevant semester. Therefore, whether students take only one new module or several and, at the same time, if need be, repeat modules they have to retake this, has no influence on the course fees. It should be noted, that, under the regulations, students may, in principle, take two to three new modules and, in addition, modules they have to retake (exceptions are laid down in the course-specific appendix to the course regulations). In the Bachelor’s degree course in Mathematics some semesters have three modules.
The course fees are payable before the start of each course. In every further semester, another invoice is issued. Payments cannot be made in instalments.

Costs of course materials

The costs of the course materials vary according to the module. Furthermore, costs of certain study resources (software, user accounts for the academic literature search or book lending) are payable. On average, costs amounting to CHF 100 - 150 per module can be assumed. Further details are laid down in the Regulations on Fees (DE and FR).


Unfortunately, UniDistance Suisse does not offer any grants. For more information, please see the Admission and Registration page.

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