Presentation of the Bachelor in Mathematics

The course is designed according to the premise of lifelong knowledge – not just lifelong learning. It is a modern mathematics course directly related to applications and the digitalized world. The world today is, to an increasing extent, an algorithmic one. A solid understanding of algorithms is therefore ever more important and will be developped throughout the Bachelor's degree course. It enables the students to acquire lasting skills, which can be built upon at any time and can be used universally. 

The course places emphasis on both the theoretical fundamental principles of mathematics and applications. The first modules start at an elementary level, while still conveying a sense of the abstractness and demands of mathematics. From the start, great emphasis is placed on clear concepts and logical inferences. The curriculum takes into account the hierarchical structure of mathematics. You will first acquire a thorough understanding of the fundamentals, which form the basis of the more advanced topics. At the same time, the course has a strong applied focus.

The course is based on current research findings and modern methods of learning. Alongside online learning and self-study, in-person classes take place every three weeks, on a Saturday.

English-medium studies

The language of instruction is English.

In brief

Start of courses

Entry twice a year possible:
February, 1st
August, 1st

Qualification awarded

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mathematics, 180 ECTS


9 semesters part-time (4.5 years)

Study time

25-30 hours a week

Conditions of admission

Matura or equivalent qualification



On campus classes

Usually 5 Saturdays per semester in Lucerne*

Next introductory session

27 August 2022

Examination sessions

January and June each year

* Due to the current health situation caused by Covid-19, the on campus classes as well as examination sessions will be replaced by online solutions.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Wihler

Photo of Thomas Wihler

Scientific Committee, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

"As a mathematician I own a universal tool box that is designed to deal with a wide range of questions in all kinds of disciplines. This box contains a great variety of fundamental theoretical principles, abstract patterns of thought and practical methods. I use it to practice the fascinating art of translating complex connections and processes into ordered structures. In turn, they allow me to draw relevant findings and promote innovative know-how. This process of abstraction makes my job particularly exciting."

Prof. Dr. Norbert Hungerbühler

Photo of Norbert Hungerbühler

Scientific Committee, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

"Today nothing works without mathematics: from medical diagnoses to timetables’ optimisation, internet security to mobile telephony – mathematics is at the core of it all. It is one of the oldest sciences but also a key science for the technologies of the future. As a language and as a tool, mathematics pervades all quantitative based sciences. And the most important to me: mathematics is creativity in its purest form."

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