Project "EATMINT"

EATMINT (affective computing and emotion awareness tools for computer-mediated interaction) is a NCCR affective Sciences project. Two main focus :

  • A psychology focus. Three experimental studies on : a group awareness tool for the social sharing of emotions and its effect on collaboration (Study 1) ; the relation between achievement emotions and computer-supported collaboration processes (Study 2) ; mutual emotion modelling and its effect on regulation (Study 3).
  • An affective computing focus dedicated to the detection of emotional informations in computer-mediated collaboration settings. The long-term goal is to develop systems able to provide emotion-based guidance for collaboration.

2011 - still in progress


  • Gaëlle Molinari, coordinator, psychology focus, University of Geneva & UniDistance Suisse
  • Sunny Avry, PhD student supervised by Gaëlle Molinari, University of Geneva & UniDistance Suisse
  • Guillaume Chanel, coordinator, affective computing focus, CISA & Université de Genève
  • Mireille Bétrancourt, head of the project, psychology focus, University of Geneva
  • Thierry Pun, head of the project, affective computing focus, University of Geneva



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