The research projects of Gaëlle Molinari

Emotions, motivation and control in distance learning

Distance training faces "learning environments that are more complex and require more effort" (Cosnefroy, 2012, p. 113). Distance learning students must confront several challenges, including remaining engaged throughout the training. Difficulties in self-regulating experienced may lead to a decreased feeling of self-efficacy and negative emotions, for which the detrimental effects on academic success are largely documented (Pekrun, 2006).

Our questions: What are the factors and conditions that contribute to a positive learning experience in the context of distance training? What educational and digital technology designs are suitable to enable committed learning?

Our research focus:

  • The role of emotions in collaborative learning.
  • Commitment and perseverance in distance training.
  • Awareness tools and monitoring for regulation.


  • Project "EATMINT"
    How to improve emotional awareness, emotion sharing with peers and emotion regulation in computer-mediated collaboration? ​​​​
  • Project "EMOVIZ"
    How to support self-regulation and engagement in distance learning?
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