Continuing Education

The Swiss Distance University Institute’s continuing education is the perfect lifelong training solution. Our programmes are either created exclusively by us or together with another institution. They cover a range of relevant and current subjects.

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Biometrics and Privacy

Every day, a plethora of data is produced and stored about the individual as a whole. This forms the starting point for the digitalisation of society.

Our Certificate in Biometrics and Privacy provides the means for understanding the transformations of the digital society, to enable you to understand, create and thrive with confidence in the new order that will ensue.

We offer unique training in the form of a short programme via distance learning, which is flexible enough to follow while working.

Training Programme in English

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Data Protection

The digitisation of our society and its technological developments are making it possible to generate an ever-increasing amount of personal data. For what purposes is this data used? Is it possible to prevent the collection of this data or to delete it? How should it be managed by a business or public authority? 

Our certificate in Data Protection offers specialisation in the vast world of data and provides the data protection officer with all the keys to data protection in the field of both businesses and public authorities. 

We offer a unique training course in the form of a short programme exclusively by distance learning and sufficiently flexible to allow you to follow it alongside your job. 

Training Programme in French

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