CAS in Biometrics Teaching Methodology

A unique, full online education programme

In order to better fit your needs, this programme is designed to be learned und studied online. You can work where and when you choose to fit in with your job, family and other commitments 

We offer a maximum flexibility as you can plan your study programme and choose your study rhythm. 

You will find study materials and assignments on the online platform, together with plannings deadlines and more. Each module lasts one month.


Every module represents about an average 50 hours of personal work (2 ECTS), which means you will need to invest about 300 hours in the whole programme. 

One ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) should represent between 25 and 30 hours of study.


The full programme lasts 3 months at least but it can be completed within twelve months as we offer each modules 3 times a year. 

You can follow the modules in each of these sessions, provided that you start with module 1 and finish the 6 modules 12 months after you started.

You can also take modules separately.

You must mention your choice in the Study Plan included in the registration process. 

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