How to register for the Master in Artificial Intelligence?

Our registration procedure consists of 3 stages:
A.    Application
B.    Admission
C.    Registration (Matriculation)

A. Application

1. Complete the online application form

You must apply online. In order to complete the form, we recommend that you have all the information set out below to hand:

  • the exact title of your access degree and its obtention date;
  • your place of residence when you graduated;
  • your AVS (social security/national insurance) number (13 figures);
  • all information about your previous academic background;
  • a passport photo and a copy of your identity card or of your passport

2. Print out the confirmation of registration

At the end of the form, you will find a document entitled «Confirmation of Registration». This will also be sent to you by e-mail. It must be printed out, dated, signed and sent, together with your documents, before the registration deadline. No application will be processed without that document.

3. Send your application

Send a paper copy of all your documents and degrees/diplomas by post, in one envelope, to the following address:

UniDistance Suisse
Milène Fauquex
Schinerstrasse 18
3900 Brigue

If parts of your application are missing, we will be unable to process it.

4. Fill out the company form

You will receive by email a registration form for professional work in the company. The form should be filled out and sent by email to Depending on your work status (see admission conditions), do not forget to send your contract or CV and application letter.

5. Options regarding your company

3 possible options:

diagram of the 3 enrolment scenarios for the master's degree in artificial intelligence

B. Admission

If your company is a partner of the Master’s programme or becomes a partner or if you are linked to one of our partner companies, you will receive provisional confirmation of admission together with an invoice for the fees of the first semester. The fees must be paid by the due date stated. Your registration will be confirmed definitively only on receipt of your payment.

Your partner company also contributes to advisory and support costs to develop artificial intelligence project(s):

Withdrawing your application or giving up your studies

You can withdraw your registration but this would have financial consequences. Please refer to Art. 4, Paras. 2 and 3 of the Rules on Fees (in French and in German).

Access the Registration Form.

C. Matriculation

Once the invoices have been paid, your admission will be complete. You will then receive your documents, student card, access codes, Webmail, etc. and your matriculation number.
As this procedure is relatively lengthy, we would strongly encourage you to allow sufficient time for sending in your application so that you can receive all your documents and access details before the start of the course.

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