Master in Artificial Intelligence programme

The curriculum runs over 3 semesters (18 months) and consists of 14 modules: 10 basic and 4 advanced. You follow the basic modules during the first two semesters and the advanced modules in the final semester.

Along with your studies, you pursue a work-based learning for the company.

The 90 ECTS credits of this MSc are distributed as follows:

Work-based learning40 ECTS
Basic modules (10 modules)36 ECTS
Advanced modules (4 modules)14 ECTS
Total90 ECTS

Work-based learning

P01AI Company strategy and definition 
P02AI Project development

Basic modules

M01Practical course in Linear algebra and Probabilities
M02Data structure and algorithms for AI
M03Signal processing
M04Foundations in statistics for AI
M05Open Science and Ethics
M06Fundamentals in Machine Learning 1
M07Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision
M08Fundamentals in Machine Learning 2
M09Introduction to Speech Processing
M10Deep Learning

Advanced modules

A02Multimodal computational sensing of people
A03Natural language processing
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