Dr Vedrana Krivokuća Hahn

Learning Manager

Short biography

Vedrana is a Computer Systems Engineer with a PhD in biometric template protection, currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in Idiap Research Institute.  At the moment, her main responsibilities include researching and developing new biometric template protection methods, with a primary focus on voice, fingervein, and face biometrics ;  contributing to “Bob”, the open-source software developed at Idiap ; and designing, presenting, and organising the course material for the biometrics module of Idiap’s AI Masters.  Vedrana also prepared and presented the lectures and lab exercises for the fingerprint recognition and biometric template protection modules of the Biometrics Masters course at the University of Lausanne, which started in 2018.

Research interests

Biometric security, biometric template protection, information theory, cryptography, pattern recognition, image processing

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