Marie-Constance Landelle

Learning Manager

Short biography

During my bachelor and master’s degree in law, I have developed a keen interest in intellectual property and contract law. Thanks to my experience in a law firm and at the State of Valais I gained valuable experience communicating with clients, drafting legal documents and performing legal research.

Interested in innovation, I was eager to join a dynamic team and cosmopolitan environment as can be found as at Idiap Research Institute. As legal adviser, my job involves principally dealing with contracts and with different areas such as data protection, labour law and intellectual property. I was also involved in the setup of Idiap’s ethical committee.

I had the opportunity to take a course on the legal aspects of data protection and privacy within the certificate of biometrics provided by UniDistance Suisse. This gave me the desire to improve my knowledge in these challenging and fascinating areas. As artificial intelligence is raising similar questions about data protection and privacy, I am pleased to share my knowledge within the master in AI as learning teacher for the legal and ethical aspects of artificial intelligence.

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