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Do you have any data? Then you also have business development opportunities. Artificial intelligence will use your data in order to solve problems and/or implement the ideas that make sense for your business.

Artificial intelligence integration will allow you to gain productivity, quality and profitability thanks to practical applications such as prediction and automation. Here are a few examples:  

When is a machine going to break? How can client responses be automated? Will a client terminate a contract? How can firewall security be improved? How can recruitment of qualitied workers be improved? How to cut energy use and costs? How can financial processes be streamlined?  

The Master in Artificial intelligence offers a unique opportunity to define which artificial intelligence areas make sense for your business. At the same time, it provides you with the skills you need to develop your AI strategy. This exclusive mix of expert support and skills acquisition through theoretical training courses at the highest level answers your needs to acquire knowledge and talent in artificial intelligence.   

The Idiap artificial intelligence and technology transfer experts advise, support and guide you.

Be a partner of the Master in artificial intelligence.  

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