The Master in Artificial Intelligence course: how does it work?

The Master in Artificial Intelligence programme consists of two closely linked parts: theoretical courses and a professional activity in a company.

The theoretical part runs as follows: at the start of each term, you follow one week of standard attendance-based lectures/classes. For the rest of the term, you learn with the online platform Moodle and in virtual classes. The online platform is like a classroom where youwill find content, exercises, homework/tests, plannings, etc. It allows you to learn in a flexible way. The virtual classes complete the Moodle platform: they enable you to follow live lectures/classes, with the other students. The personal support of your teachers completes this system.

The practical part takes place in a company. During your first semester you define a strategy to develop artificial intelligence within the company. This first semester allows you to define your terms of references as well as one (or more) AI project(s). You will develop those projects during the last two semesters of your training. The AI experts of the Idiap will accompany you throughout all those phases.

The combination of online theoretical lectures/classes with the implementation of a professional activity in a company is the optimum preparation for you to become an expert developer in artificial intelligence.

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