Jobs and job opportunities with the Master in Artificial Intelligence

The Master’s trains specialist developers and future managers in artificial intelligence in the 4.0 industry.

  • It testifies to a high level of expertise in information technology.
  • It guarantees an excellent understanding of the challenges and issues of AI. 
  • It offers specialisations, through advanced classes, in specific fields such as biometrics or robotics.
  • The practical part of the Master’s proves that the student has professional experience and is capable of developing a business project in artificial intelligence.

While the 4.0 industry is beginning to grow, artificial intelligence is establishing itself everywhere, from smartphones to driverless vehicles, and numerous businesses are hoping to join this digital revolution, the supply of specialist AI developers is struggling to meet demand from businesses. With a Master’s in artificial intelligence, you have unique skills that the industry needs.

Artificial intelligence is asserting itself in every field, from insurance to heavy industry, including banking services, sales, security, biotechnologies, energy, health and public policies. The MSc in artificial intelligence turns you into an artificial intelligence manager of the future.

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