Conditions for admission to the Master in Artificial Intelligence

In order to be admitted to this Master’s, you must fulfil all of the conditions set out below: 

  • Have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Hold a position within a business enterprise/company that has the desire and ability to integrate artificial intelligence into its strategy 

Highly recommended additional skills

  • Excellent spoken and written knowledge of English, the teaching language. 
  • Knowledge of programming languages (C++, Python, etc.) and of mathematics 

Working conditions in the company

Half of your training will consist in developing one (or more) artificial intelligence project(s) in a company. After your online registration, you will have 3 options:

  1. Hold a position in a company that is already a partner of the Master’s programme. You can then finalise your admission.
  2. Hold a position in a company that is not a partner in the Master’s programme but wishes to become one. We will come to your company to determine its development potential in artificial intelligence. The company will become a partner of the Master’s programme. You can then finalise your admission.
  3. You do not hold a position in a company but meet the admission criteria for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, or equivalent field. We are there to help. Register online and then send us your CV as well as an application letter. We will contact our partner companies in the Master’s programme. If there is mutual interest, we will arrange a meeting. You will obtain a position in a partner company. You can then finalise your admission.

Please see our Rules of Admission (in French - in German) for further information.

You don’t have a project or employee eligible for the Master’s programme? We’re here to help. Please don‘t hesitate to contact us:

Validation of credits already obtained

Any equivalent course completed at a university or any other higher education institution may be taken into account provided that its content and scope are deemed equivalent and in conformity with the requirements, that it has been completed in the last five years, that it has not already been used for the purpose of obtaining a Master's degree (prohibition of dual use) and that it has been sanctioned by a pass mark. The corresponding mark is included in the evaluation. The request for equivalence must be included in the registration form.

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