Presentation of the Artificial Intelligence programme

A word from Professor Hervé Bourlard, Programme Director

photo portrait de Hervé Bourlard

«This Master is a unique, visionary programme that combines job experience and education. You will develop a company’s artificial intelligence (AI) and, at the same time, get a high-level, flexible university training, thus acquiring the advanced skills which are essential to managing AI projects. Sixty per cent of your time is dedicated to courses taught by Idiap researchers enjoying worldwide recognition in their fields.  As you will mainly study online, you will enjoy major flexibility, fitting your studies around your life. Fourty per cent of your time is dedicated to your company, for which you develop an AI project with the support of the Idiap R&D team. Your company provides the financial support you need to get a training programme which is aligned with its interests and activities. And you get an internationally recognised degree.»

Why train in artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a new turning point in the digitalisation process of our society. It heralds the advent of a 4.0 industry. All companies whatever their market (regional, national or global) are moving towards digitalisation and need a whole range of AI expertise. The current labour market does not meet the growing need for AI specialists.

Which job opportunities after the master in artificial intelligence?

The MSc in Artificial Intelligence, characterised by alternating between theoretical tuition and working in a business enterprise, enables the student-employee to develop skills that meet the demands of the world of work. The dual theory-practice nature of the course guarantees employability after studying. In addition, the development of a project within a partner company increases the chances of permanent employment.

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