Teaching Team Conference 2019

On Friday, 6 September 2019, the third Teaching Teams' Conference took place at the Zeughaus Kultur in Glis. All lecturers and assistants from the Distance University were invited to discuss The use of videos at UniDistance Suisse. Programme points: the presentation of academic insights into learning videos, a round table with lecturers and assistants talking about their specific experiences with learning videos, as well as a variety of workshops.

Presentation of academic insights – Two experts present their insights on the use of videos in teaching:

Matthias Maalouli-Hartmann:
“Videos in e-learning: potential applications of filming the teacher and the students”.

This talk was primarily on the question of whether the speaker in a learning video should appear in the recording, and the effects this has on the person watching the video.

Jeff Van de Poël:
“Directing your teachings, what challenges for teachers in the age of instructional multimedia?”.

Jeff Van de Poël presented his typology of learning videos and also gave specific tips for their use – taking account of different parameters such as the amount of work or costs.

Panel discussion
At the round table, lecturers and assistants presented a selection of their own learning videos and talked about the context in which these are applied and their personal experiences.

The subsequent discussion showed that there is wide diversity in the use and application of learning videos.

Participants could choose between two workshops in the afternoon:

  • A workshop on tangible applications under the leadership of the EDUDL+ team: “Creating screencasts with triskelions” and “video feedback with explain everything”.
  • Workshop with external speakers on voice work and verbal expression.
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