2016 academic events

Basic workshop module for students

Basic workshop module for students: General study skills and interdisciplinary skills in Brig, 8 November:

  • Participants: Employees of the Swiss Distance University Institute, experts from a variety of universities, associated professors of the Swiss Distance University Institute and teaching staff.

Academic contributions in 2016

The Swiss Distance University Institute took part in the following congresses, meetings and conferences in 2016:

  • EADTU Conference, Rome
    Lecture (including full paper): Jean-Michel Jullien: “Development and evaluation of an educational scenario”
    Lecture (including full paper): Valérie Follonier: “Course evaluation by the students - a way to improve teaching quality”
  • EduHub days, Fribourg
    Lecture by Valérie Follonier and Jean-Michel Jullien: “Standard and generalised evaluation of teaching by the students: the tools“
  • AIPU Conference, Lausanne
    Poster Jean-Michel Jullien and Valérie Follonier: “L’accompagnement des nouveaux enseignants à UniDistance : entre développement professionnel et construction d’une philosophie d’enseignement“
  • G3 Symposium, Genève
    Lecture by Jean-Michel Jullien and Damien Carron: “Entre formation, pilotage et contrôle, place de l'évaluation des enseignements par les étudiants dans la qualité des enseignements à UniDistance“
  • AAQ Institutional Accreditation Day 2016, Bern (conference of the Swiss Accreditation Organisation)
    Participation in the podium discussion: took part as representative of the Swiss Distance University Institute
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