UniDistance Suisse Mathematics Colloquium

UniDistance Suisse Mathematics Colloquium is a series of hour-long talks organized by the faculty of mathematics. They are held 2-3 times per semestre on Thursdays at 5 P.M. on Zoom. The link for participation in the event is the following: https://fernuni.zoom.us/j/64850280617.

The non-Abelian X-ray transform

Talk by Gabriel Paternain, University of Cambridge

Thursday, Octobre 21st, 2021
5 P.M., on Zoom

Gabriel Paternain will describe the mathematics that underpins new experiments designed to measure magnetic fields inside materials by shooting them with neutron beams from different directions, like in a CT scan.

The problem is packed with some beautiful geometry and analysis, where the star of the show is a matrix in SO(3) obtained by solving a suitable linear ODE along straight lines in the plane.


Gabriel Paternain is a professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge, UK. His research interests include differential geometry, analysis, dynamical systems, and geometric inverse problems, especially geodesic ray transforms.


Registration is optional. Registered participants will receive an email reminder a day before the colloquium containing the Zoom link for the talk.

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