Welcome address by the Rector

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A Warm Welcome to UniDistance Suisse!
We pursue our mission with passion: to give people the chance to study their whole lives long.

Distance learning means that time and space can be flexible. Students no longer have to rearrange their lives, as studying suits their individual needs. True to the motto ‘my University – when I want, where I want!’, our students are free to learn from their kitchen, living room, train, gym or their favourite park.

Thanks to specialised internet platforms, our students always carry their University with them. Quality and flexibility are our top priorities.

Classes are led by professors from Swiss and international universities. Each professor is supported by an assistant, who is also pursuing an academic path. Therefore, the student-lecturer ratio is better than average. This allows UniDistance Suisse to be more flexible towards students’ needs than almost any other university.

Our deans give their all to continuously adapt educational programmes to suit current conditions and your needs.

Admissions criteria, course content and exams are the same as in any traditional Swiss university, and qualifications are set up in accordance with the Bologna Guidelines, so are recognised by the state and equal to any other university qualification.

Student Support is Central to Distance Learning

No student is left alone during their distance learning programme. As well as countless professors and assistants, students are also supported by our student advisors.

The online platform Moodle complements the teaching system, allowing students to take part in animat-ed discussions with classmates, professors and research assistants.

Several events also take place each semester where attendance in person is required.

However, you are the key to your own success. Motivation, passion and stamina are needed for any distance learning programme.

I am glad to be able to count you among our students, and wish you every success and enjoyment in your studies!

Prof. Dr. Marc Bors

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