Foundation Council

The Foundation Council is constantly working to develop the Swiss Distance Learning University, and to expand the range of degree programmes to suit the changing needs of both students and the economy.

Wilhelm SchnyderPresidentThe canton of Wallis
Maria-Pia Tschopp Vice PresidentThe canton of Wallis
Patrick Amoos Foundation Council MemberThe borough of Brig-Glis
Bruno AttingerFoundation Council MemberThe region of Pfäffikon SZ
Albert BassFoundation Council MemberThe borough of Brig-GlisBrig
Kuno BlumFoundation Council MemberThe canton of Schwyz
Simone FöllmiFoundation Council MemberThe region of Pfäffikon SZ
Helmut HoyerFoundation Council MemberFernUniversität in Hagen
Yves ReyFoundation Council MemberThe region of Siders
Emmerich StoffelFoundation Council MemberSwisscom AG
Michael ZurwerraFoundation Council MemberThe canton of Wallis
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