Executive Management

Consisting of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor for Education, the Vice-Chancellor for Research, the Director of Academic Services and the Director of Central Services, the main function of the Executive (Board of) Management is the operational management of the institution.

The missions of the Executive Management

The Executive Management of the Swiss Distance Learning University

  • coordinates education/teaching, research and services.
  • defines the guiding principle, strategy and the rules and regulations.
  • draws up a long-term plan and a budget plan.
  • carries out the decisions adopted by the committee of the Foundation Council (Board of Trustees) and of the Academic Council.
  • manages the finances, defines the budget and hires staff.
  • administers the research fund in accordance with the regulations.
  • oversees the procedure for appointing professors/lecturers and prepares vacancy adverts in accordance with the «University Regulations for Employing Scientific Staff» (URHSS).
  • guarantees the quality of the teaching and research and carries out regular assessments to this effect.
  • draws up the annual report.

Prof. Marc Bors

Prof. Isabelle Chabloz
Vice-Chancellor for Education

Prof. Walter Perrig
Vice-Chancellor for Research

Damien Carron
Academic Director

Stéphane Pannatier
Administrative Director

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