Academic Council

The Academic Council of UniDistance Suisse:

  • makes decisions for the committee of the Foundation Council (Board of Trustees), on:
    - the guiding principle, strategy, regulations, long-term plan, budget, annual report and other reports;
  • takes a position:
    - regarding the canton of Valais and Swiss Federal Government mandate to provide services,
    - regarding matters concerning the whole university;
  • takes part in the appointment or employing of members of the Executive (Board of) Management,
  • determines the members of the Selection Committee with a view to the appointment of the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellors and Directors,
  • on the proposal of the Executive Management, appoints the members of the standing committees and adopts their rules of procedure,
  • appoints the delegates of the bodies that define the scientific and university policy,
  • adopts the statutes of the community of students and alumni,
  • awards the title of Emeritus Professor, creates other titles and withdraws titles.

The members of the Academic Council

photo portrait de Marc Bors

Prof. Dr. Marc Bors
Chairperson of the Academic Council

Porträtfoto von Wilhelm Schnyder

Wilhelm Schnyder
President of the Foundation Council

photo portrait de Paolo Ghisletta

Prof. Dr. Paolo Ghisletta
Course Director for Psychology (Bachelor) F

Porträtfoto von Christina Späti

Prof. Dr. Christina Späti
Dean Faculty of History
Course Director for History D

Porträtfoto von Rodrigo Rodriguez

Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez
Dean Faculty of Law
Course Director for Law D

Porträtfoto von Renate Schubert

Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert
Dean Faculty of Economics
Course Director for Economics D

Prof. Dr. Pamela Banta-Lavenex
Dean Faculty of Psychology
Extraordinary Professor
Professors’ representative F

Porträtfoto von Thomas Reber

Prof. Dr. Thomas Reber
Assistant Professor
Professors’ representative D

photo portrait de Jean-Michel Jullien

Jean-Michel Jullien
EDUDL Manager
Representative of the heads of the administrative departments F

portrait photo of Martin Zurbriggen

Martin Zurbriggen
Finance Manager
Representative of the heads of the administrative departments D

photo portrait de Jean-Paul Droz

Jean-Paul Droz
Student and Faculty manager
Representative of the staff of the administrative departments F

photo portrait de Petra Köhler

Petra Köhler
Faculty manager
Representative of the staff of the administrative departments D

Are also part of the Academic Council:

  • Christiana Fountoulakis, lecturers' representative D
  • Jean Terrier, lecturers' representative F
  • Daniel Fitze, assistants' representative D
  • Jean-Christian Tisserand, assistants' representative F
  • Arnaud Boisset and Anaïs Eberle, students' representatives F
  • Thomas Frei and Marco Fritschi, students' representatives D

Advisory members

photo portrait de Walter Perrig

Prof. Dr. Walter Perrig
Vice-Chancellor for Research

photo portrait de Damien Carron

Damien Carron
Academic Director

photo portrait de Stéphane Pannatier

Stéphane Pannatier
Administrative Director

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