Teaching Methodology

A 100% distance learning programme

In order to better fit with our target group’s contingencies, we designed this programme so that it can be taken in conjunction with a full-time work

A maximum flexibility is offered to attendants as far as the planning of each module and the rhythm of studies are concerned.

The CAS Biometrics is a full distance learning programme. The course consists of assignments published on an online platform, homework, online support and virtual classes. There is no such thing as classic classroom based courses in this programme.

The assignments are posted on an online platform and deadlines are given by the learning teams. Each module lasts one month.

Attendants can study whenever and wherever they choose to fit in with jobs, families and other commitments.


Every module represents about 50 hours of personal work (2 ECTS), which means you will need to invest about 300 hours in your CAS in Biometrics. This is an average, each attendant being different


The duration of the complete programme is 3 months minimum and may be completed within twelve months. It is offered 3 times a year. You can follow the modules in each of these sessions, provided that you start compulsorily by Module 1 and finish the 6 modules 12 months after you started.