The Swiss Distance Learning University has eight faculties: history, psychology, law and economics - each in German and French. Each facility is managed by a dean:

Name Function Link to Faculty
Prof. Dr. Christina Späti Dean of History G fernuni.ch/geschichte
Prof. Dr. Claude Hauser Dean of History F unidistance.ch/histoire
Prof. Dr. Fred Mast Dean of Psychology G fernuni.ch/psychologie
Prof. Dr. Uli Frauenfelder Dean of Psychology F unidistance.ch/psychologie
Prof. Dr. Marcel Niggli Dean of Law G fernuni.ch/law
Prof. Dr. Adriano Previtali Dean of Law F unidistance.ch/droit
Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert Dean of Economics G fernuni.ch/eco
Prof. Dr. Thierry Madiès Dean of Economics F unidistance.ch/economie